Welcome to Anhing Corporation

Asian Food Wholesaler and Exclusive Distributor of Eagle Brand Medicated Oil

Anhing Corporation was founded by Henry Ly three decades ago in Los Angeles, California.  Henry has had one vision in mind since Anhing’s inception—One service center for all oriental grocery markets in North America.

Under the leadership of Henry Ly and his team, Anhing has focused on two fronts:  capacity and networking.  On the capacity side, Anhing has solidified working relations with over 200 suppliers in thirty countries throughout Southeast Asia and South America.  Anhing has full control over its channel of distribution.  On the networking side, Anhing has developed one of the most extensive marketing networks throughout North America.  Its sales force network extends from the island of Guam in the South Pacific to the Florida Panhandle.  Anhing’s sales team continuously monitors activities in oriental grocery stores from the lower 48 in the continental U.S. to Alaska and Hawaii. 

Warehousing has been a major challenge in the grocery industry.  A challenge to others becomes an opportunity for Anhing.  Due to its financial strength and visionary plan, Anhing acquired over 150,000 square feet of warehouse space for expansion over a decade ago.  Currently, Anhing has put in place a state-of-the-art inventory control system that links directly to the central order facilitator.  No stock items will fall below thirty percent of safety level.  Anhing carries over 3,000 items at any given time and stands by our philosophy—no item is too small to carry.

The bottom line—Anhing is a people’s company.  Anhing speaks your language.  Henry Ly has instilled the value of customer-oriented service in every employee of Anhing.  He has institutionalized customer-first practices that are apparent from every phone call to every handshake.  Anhing is unsurpassed and is the envy of its peer group.  Anhing will not be undersold.